How to Choose the Tastiest Wedding Cake

When it comes to planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. Although some parts of the wedding planning work can be nerve-wracking, there are some parts that are a just pure pleasure. Fortunately, tasting and choosing you wedding cakes in Dubai is one of those fun sections.

Here we bring you some tips on how to choose the tastiest wedding cake:

  • Start with your wedding venue

Your venue selection matters when it comes to choosing your wedding cakes in Dubai. It can persuade t he artistic and design of your cake. Secure your location first and then start shopping around for bake shops for getting the tastiest wedding cake.

  • Go for a trustworthy bakery

You should begin with searching online about the best cakes in Dubai. Word of mouth is one of true and trusted way of finding the best baker, but there is nothing wrong in researching. Researching online gives you an idea about how the cake looks and word of mouth, i.e., feedback from other couples make it easy for you to choose your wedding cake.

  • Check out the testimonials online

Some bake shops post their work regularly on social media and their website so that customer can get a clear idea by looking out at the pictures. But don’t get influenced by images alone. Check out the online reviews and testimonials before deciding or taking any further step as buying your wedding cake in Dubai is a big deal.

  • Visit the bake shop

Once you decide on some of the particular bake shops for cakes in Dubai, go and visit them. Meet the staff; discuss all the details such as wedding date, theme, venue, the design of your wedding cake and budget. The most important thing is if you don’t feel easy and comfortable while talking to the staff; don’t go for that particular bakery.

  • Select your style

There are an endless amount of styles available like whimsical, geometric, romantic, rustic or glamorous for cakes in Dubai. One should know the basics. Be classic and creative while choosing the style. You can go with the theme of your wedding, you can keep it simple, or you can get a cake with extravagant beautification that complements your dress.

  • Decide your budget

Be sure and realistic on how much you want to spend on your wedding cake in Dubai. Compare the prices amongst all the cake vendors you have chosen and check out what is normal cost of the cake of your style, size, and design.  Ask for the size of a cake slice, if the size is much bigger, then you can save your money by ordering a smaller cake. Consider all the extra charges and rates, so you don’t have any uncalled surprise at the end of the day.

  • Taste the cake

Here is the best part of choosing the wedding cake; tasting it. You have the idea of how your cake will look on from outside, but it’s important to know how it tastes like from inside. Be fearless with flavors you choose. Taste all the flavors you have decided on. Don’t be under the assumption that chocolate cakes in Dubai will taste best no matter what.

The process of picking up your wedding cake in Dubai is full of fun. Follow these steps and choose a cake that you love both in taste and look. Your cake should be enjoyed by all your guests at the wedding, so make sure it is special.

Author bio:

G’s Bakeshop and Café is a bake shop which supplies freshly baked breads daily. These breads and cakes in Dubai are handmade from scratch with heart and art. The patisserie is owned by Sahni family of Dubai. Serving baked food with a smile from the last 25 years.

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