One of the most fun parts of owning a restaurant is figuring out the style and brand you want to convey. There are so many options when considering the ambiance, decor, and accessories. A great look is to convey a modern restaurant space. There are so many style possibilities when looking into this kind of restaurant style. Here are some style tips that you will not want to neglect in styling your modern restaurant space:

The first thing a customer sees — the door

The door is the first thing customers and potential customers will see when walking or driving by the restaurant. Take the time to pick out the best commercial glass storefront doors for your restaurant. Think about the door of your restaurant as the first impression of the restaurant experience. Make sure to have a glass door with a possibly interesting door knob or art hanging. It always looks sleek to have the restaurant name above the door frame as opposed to on the door.

Think about the range of doors that could be options for your restaurant and head to a place that makes commercial doors. This is a place where you know they have a variety of doors to choose from that can be personalized with your own style.

Pick your art very carefully

Art can make or break a restaurant. When embodying the modern style, this is where your look will shine the brightest. Take the time to find the perfect art pieces for the space. This is something you might want to hire a personal decorator for. Look into restaurant specialists or interior designers in your area who might be able to consult on the best art for your style and location.

Take into consideration the size of the space as well. Often modern art is more sleek and simplistic. This is why looking for a few large, statement pieces is sometimes better than worrying about a bunch of small photos and decorations. Modern art also is greatly expressed through sculptures and art of that style. Finding a bold modern centerpiece for your restaurant is an idea that will keep the space interesting, but simple.

Plants are also great in modern restaurant spaces. They keep the space fresh and healthy looking, which will attract more customers in this health conscious generation. Succulents are popular and low maintenance. Try purchasing some succulents to put on windowsills or by the door as well. Plants will keep the space looking welcoming and health conscious. They may even be your best art choice!

Try to keep everything simple

This means white plates, white mugs and simplistic silverware. This will also help your restaurant looking sleek and modern. People feel like the place is cleaner when there are cohesive utensils that aren’t mismatched.

This doesn’t only pertain to restaurant accessories—make sure your wait staff looks trendy and polished as well. This might mean a simple, but strict dress code. Wearing white can be difficult for many to keep clean, so have everyone wear all black with white aprons or a solid color with a simple with a touch of white. Consider having your staff to wear jeans and a black t-shirt. This will make the staff look cool, but still cohesive. The jeans option is more for casual dining.

The most important part of a modern style restaurant is keeping it simple with bold touches. This look is clean and welcoming because it looks like a place people want to spend time and enjoy a nice meal. Take these tips into consideration if you are looking to switch up your restaurant space’s style.