Are Restaurant Online Ordering Apps Really Profitable for Restaurants?

Restaurant online ordering apps are on the rise, this is something customers and restaurants wanted more than ever during the crisis. If the crisis didn’t prove you the importance, here’s why most of the restaurants were on the hunt for apps like Applova and why’d they stick to it:

  1. Zero commissions– You need to be careful of the app provider you pick. Providers like Applova take NO commissions from restaurant apps. Customers can place unlimited orders and restaurants can manage unlimited orders without having to pay an extra fee like how they have to with third-party delivery apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Waitr, etc. These third-party charge customers $6 to $8, plus a service fee of 15%.
  • Increases restaurant revenue– When your customers place orders through their own devices, they often tend to spend a couple of more dollars because they place orders at their convenience and from their comfort zone. Ordering apps can be programmed to show recommendations, pairing, and also prompts with add-ons. Visual images also play a part in tempting users to add more to the cart= increase restaurant revenue.
  • Control your delivery–  You set up your delivery agents, your delivery fees, and also your delivery zones. You controlling the fees is important so all payments go straight to your restaurant and all tips go straight to your restaurant’s delivery agents. Having your delivery agent can ensure customer satisfaction as you can count on perfect delivery (making sure customers receive the meals warm on time).
  • Loyalty programs– Ordering apps that include loyalty programs can be a real incentive to you. Who doesn’t like freebies? Loyalty programs like digital stamp cards can entice customers to re-order to get the delicious meal/item you are offering. Hence, this drives repeat orders and boosts customer loyalty.
  • Offers, discounts to build the hype– Happy hours, TGIF offer, etc. Everyone gets excited when there are offers they can’t ignore! This can drive thousands of new customers to your restaurant- Because why not try out the new place if they’ve got an offer!
  • Access your customer data for promotions-With your own Restaurant online ordering app, you get to capture customers’ names, emails, and phone numbers. You can run some email campaigns or send out some personalized SMS with offers that they can’t look away from. You can also announce anything new. Everyone checks their emails and phones so most certainly they wouldn’t miss your messages!
  • Get an app with a web store – Applova provides a web store version along with the mobile app. The web store version requires no app download to place orders. Customers have both options. Everything at their convenience so you never miss out on any potential customer.
  • Eliminate wastage– So now that all orders come in through the app, the orders are paid for before being prepared. This can eliminate wastage. Also, with Applova’s restaurant online ordering app, you have in-depth insights into weekly, daily, and yearly analytics. This can show you the day of the week that doesn’t have too many orders or show the days with most orders. Helps you stay prepared ahead of time!

Having a restaurant online ordering app can be profitable for any restaurant if they know how to market it right. Luckily Applova provides a dedicated restaurant success advisor to help restaurants who subscribe to Applova promote their app among customers. Applova also helps to free up staff’s time from taking phone orders so the staff can focus on providing improved restaurant service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Applova has got an excellent set of experts to show you the product experience in-depth. Schedule a demo today: