There are many rice cookers on the market but none of them cook rice in clay. Most liners of rice cooker consist of chemical-coated aluminium that is non-stick, but VitaClay pots use only all-natural clay having no lead, no aluminium, no toxin! The taste is great – you have not had rice until you taste it after cooking in clay – even plain rice just is better tasting when it is made in all-natural clay.

Rice cookers

It seems like there are hundreds of rice cookers on the market to choose from, but how many cook rice in clay? Most rice cooker have liners made of other material, while VitaClay pots are only all-natural clay. If you are looking for a rice cooker, you will find that there are hundreds on the market – some are called rice cooker/vegetable steamers, other are marketed as slow cooker that cook rice, or multi-cooker. They seem to all be different – different features, different advanced features. It is hard to find just a rice cooker.

With VitaClay

When you open the lid, you will see truly perfect rice every time with the VitaClay rice cooker. The unglazed clay that is organic and is inside our multi-cooker which couples as a rice cooker, makesperfect looking and tasting rice and grains of every variety. With no aluminium or non-stick chemicals touching the food, you can also be assured that all the ingredients get special treatment.

For centuries, emperors and alchemists have valued clay for soaking, germinating and the cooking of rice. They realized that clay crockery presented betterflavours and the health benefits were superior. Because VitaClay is a slow cooker, andlovely serving pot as well, your meals can be served at the table with pride. Any grain or one-pot mealseems like magic with VitaClay multi-cooker – but it is only ancient wisdom.

More flavour and nutrients

Organic unglazed clay brings out enzymes and minerals in the food, enabling you to extract flavours and nutrients from the recipes you are using while also increasing digestibility. Clay is alkalizing – which the ancients valued in cookware that is healthy, taste that is superior, texture perfect and synergistic properties – clay working together with the food and spices to come together in a partnership to let your food be your medicine – right in your own kitchen.