Gourmet catering is the best way to offer your guests the finest cuisines by culinary experts. Often counted among the top-notch styles of catering, gourmet includes delighting your guests with a wide variety of beautifully-presented finest cuisines which are high on both taste and nutrition. Gourmet chefs use only the best quality ingredients to prepare each dish from the scratch.

Though, first-rate gourmet catering companies in Melbourne ensure that they customize their services to suit any occasion; gourmet catering is more appropriate for formal occasions such as corporate events, cocktail parties, brunches etc. Since, gourmet catering is an expensive option; it is advisable to choose it for events where the number of guests expected is limited and you need to put your best foot forward in terms of presentation and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Another important benefit of choosing gourmet catering is that the Gourmet catering companies can also help you decide about the best venue for your event. Many reputed gourmet companies have the list of scenic locations suitable as venues. Further, these companies may also help you with other aspects of your event by putting you in touch with other service-providers as well. Check with your caterer if he/she too provides the same.

Though, many caterers claim their expertise in providing gourmet services, it is important to check their authenticity before zeroing in one. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Type of Event

Although, most caterers offer the entire package of catering services, there may be a difference of expertise. Some caterers may be experts at finger-foods, while others may be known for their main course. Alike any other profession, each caterer has his or her best-suited to specific events and formalities. Some might be great at catering lavish wedding and birthday parties, while others might be experts at lip-smacking desserts and good, old finger-foods. So, it’s best to find these little details out by calling different caterers and check what they are best at.

  1. Food-Samples to Taste

A definite indication of a caterer who isn’t confident about their food is the one who doesn’t let you try before you finalize your order. Why are they not willing to let the client taste their food before he or she books their services? It spells the caterer’s lack of confidence in his or her own product. A good caterer lets you taste at least a couple of things from their menu. This helps the client to be sure about the fact that the caterer they are going to choose is capable of bringing delicious food and a refreshing selection of drinks for the event.

  1. 3. Online and Offline Reviews

It is needless to say that one cannot rely completely on online reviews, but they do give some idea about the quality of catering services. This should be combined with getting in touch with some former clients of the gourmet catering service provider you have chosen. Talk to these clients and enquire about how their experience went. This helps you get the real picture as sometimes online reviews could be fabricated altogether. After all, it’s always good to learn from first-hand experiences of previously satisfied clients to make an informed decision.