Gourmet candy trends: Gifts for the inner child in all of us 

Gourmet Candy

In today’s busy world, gifts and rewards deserve special consideration. The complexities of modern life make careers more demanding and job hours longer. For this reason, we must start thinking outside the box.

Gifts and rewards do not have to be expensive and predictable. Why not make gifting a pleasurable experience that goes beyond the usual fruit, wine and cheese basket? The answer is gourmet candy, a top trend in the worlds of business and hospitality. For example, click here.

Here are some popular gourmet candy trends that are just as creative, satisfying, and classy as the traditional bottle of wine.

Champagne Gummy Bears

The recipe for this gummy-based candy allows for any flavor infusion to go in all confections. The champagne gummy bear trend is taking over the world of gourmet candy. Available in red, white, or pink bubbly, there is a gummy for every champagne lover out there. Ditch the bottle and bring in the gummies. They are more fun to eat!

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The taste and texture of a thick, peanut butter smoothie encased in dark chocolate. These protein-packed confections are the gift that keep on giving, and they make the best “goodies-to-go” to take everywhere. Great idea to gift those crossfit trainees and athletes who allow themselves the occasional peanut butter and chocolate “cheat” treat.

Unicorn Bark

Think white fudge swirled artistically by sugary crystals of whimsical colors. Pinks, purples, and blues fuse together to create an artistically-visual treat that is as beautiful as it is delicious. A perfect gift for the dreamers, visionaries, and makers of magic around you.

Birthday Box

Celebrate someone’s special day with a “birthday in a box” combination. The happy day’s essentials are put together in a beautiful box. It is a classy, thoughtful, and personal way to bring a big smile to someone’s face.

International Treat Boxes

Treats and confections from England, Japan, Spain, and many other countries are now easily put together in a thematic basket. These international treats are perfect for the world traveler in your life, or for those who dare to be curious about the sweet things that our world has to offer.

Perfect Cup of Cocoa Box

DIY folks enjoy doing everything their way. What better chance to let them do so than giving them everything they need to fix themselves the perfect cup of cocoa? Whether they take it cold, hot, medium, or even with chili pepper in it, a Perfect Cocoa Box will give recipients a great opportunity to get creative and even create their own, signature drink.

Why Gourmet Candy?

Back in the day, we used to give out “adult” gifts, such as alcohol and fancy foods, assuming that special people will always want those things as gifts and rewards. Times are changing. We all want to keep the child within us alive. The best way to do is by indulging in treats that give us the best of both worlds: the sweetness of candy, and the artistry of artisan-created confections. There has never been a better time to give the perfect gift.