How Clay Pots Are Bringing Back the Health in Your Food

Healthy food comprises of green vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, proteins and good fats. But, these foods can deliver good health only when they are cooked in such a way that their nutritional value is not lost. That is why; the choice of utensils, modes of cooking etc play equal role in ensuring good health from the food we eat. While baking, boiling are believed to be the healthier modes of cooking, the clay pots, iron woks, cast iron utensils are some of the age old cooking utensils that have not lost their significance even today.

Clay pot cookers like the one available at are bringing back the good old days of healthy cooking back to the kitchen. Here is how they are meeting the expectations of a healthy eater.

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Retaining the nutritional value of food

Many of the foods like vegetables and fruits, if required to cook, get charred and discolored when cooked in high flame or when put in utensils that heat up fast. The clay pots do the job of retaining nutrition in food in following ways:

  1. These do not heat up fast, thus, the food in it is cooked correctly and retains optimal amount of moisture. Their not heating up fast enables slow cooking which allows food to stay healthy when done.
  2. The clay pots lock the heat and moisture uniformly. Thus, the food is well done, looks great and is uniformly cooked.
  3. The clay pots help food soak up the spices better as these are not vaporized fast like in quickly heated utensils.

Reduce the carbon footprint

Clay pots offer eco-friendly method of cooking. Since these do not emit harmful radiations or use more energy, these do offer greener ways of cooking food.

So, stay healthy and keep the surroundings healthy too by switching to cooking in clay pots right away.