While you can prepare pancakes through numerous ways, nothing beats a griddle cooking. It allows you to cook them with minimal oil as well as prepare a much larger batch in comparison to a skillet. All you need to do is find the best electric pancake griddle, a thin spatula and you are ready to start.


The right temperature of the griddle is essential to getting perfect pancakes. Based on your griddle, you need to preheat it to medium heat or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this equipment tends to heat up quickly, you can prepare it while you are letting your pancake batter rest after mixing.

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Pouring the pancakes

The batter needs to be thin enough to be poured easily. Once heated, use a ladle or a container with a lip and try to pour slightly smaller than 4-inch diameter pancakes onto it. Allow enough space to let the pancake expand.

Cooking the pancakes

A space of about an inch and a half between two pancakes makes it easy for you to flip them over once a side is done. If your batter is bang-on, you will find small bubbles forming in the pancakes which ultimately lead to holes in them. It is a signal for you to flip them over. In case they are not formed within three minutes of cooking time, lift the pancake from the side and check for a medium brown color. One ready, flip over and allow the other side to acquire the same color. It should be done in about two to three minutes.

Finishing touches

While it is not required, you can flip them once again if not happy with the color. Serve the ready pancakes immediately for best taste and enjoyment. Give the griddle a minimum of 30 seconds rest before you make a second batch on it. If the griddle has become too hot, allow it to cool. If your griddle has a thermostat, remember to reduce the cooking time slightly.