Italian cuisine is famous all over the world because of its famous kinds of pasta and pizza. It is very different when you try to make it yourself or get it from the non-Italian restaurant. The real thing comes from chefs who studied the cuisine and know the flavors of each dish. Also, you should know that there isn’t a specific Italian cuisine because it is actually a mix of surrounding cuisines they took ideas from.

A number of popular Italian dishes and delicacies, savory and sweet, await your exploration when you are in Italy, but also when you are visiting places such as the UK that cherish tradition like Capri Italian restaurant in Lancing. These traditional Italian foods are strongly rooted in the Italian culture, and recipes are often crossed throughout generations and are praised for their specific origins.

Most popular Italian dishes

No one should miss out having Italian pizza and pasta. These two are the most popular traditional Italian meals you have to eat on every vacation you go.

In Italy, the pasta type is different for every region you go to. You have to try the local specialties in the place that you are attending. If you are traveling to wonderful Rome, get a portion of the pasta alla carbonara, made with ingredients such as Pecorino cheese, eggs, black pepper, and guanciale.

When we talk about pizza, everyone would recognize Margherita. It is a simple but delicious dish. Buy this popular item from the pizza place near your, and you can expect to get a crispy, thin-crust pizza covered with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, basil, and Parmesan.

Spaghetti  ai Frutti di Mare

The idea behind a famous “Fruit of the sea” has to be to use pure seafood. You need to do some hard work to make it and also you need to take good care of the fresh seafood, but it is worth it when you know how delicious it is.

It can’t be linked to seafood pasta made with various cooled seafood, which is bad, barely has any taste, and doesn’t have the flavorful ‘sauce’. The ingredients for this spectacular dish are only seafood and pasta with a bit of olive oil, garlic, white wine, salt, parsley, and pepper. Linguine is a flat kind of spaghetti and it usually goes with a sauce. If you can’t find linguine, spaghetti will work great as well.

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Risotto Porcini

While the dry Italian porcini mushrooms you find in the UK are not as great as those freshly picked and consumed in the mountains of Calabria, they are still pleasant.  You can buy them in the gourmet parts of your market.  If you can’t find the Italian funghi porcini, you can try making it with mixed dried mushrooms, but the flavor will be a little bit different.

Risotto is a traditional Northern Italian preparation for their famous Carnaroli and Arborio rice products. People prefer the Carnaroli risotto rice if you can get it because it is a little starchier than Arborio. It is less likely to get soft if you overcook it.  Normally, you need to look for the risotto sorts of rice in the gourmet parts of the market, although also has many types of Italian rice available. Read more on this page.


No one can doubt that an Italian meal is a real sensory experience. When you get an Italian meal, traditionally, what you order first is something called “antipasto”. The term originated from Latin “ante” which means before and “pastus” that means meal.

Because chefs look at them as an art, antipasto presentations are usually colorful and boast many different items, to get people fired for the meal. The antipasto is expected to get your appetite running and prepare your taste buds for next dish. The antipasto shouldn’t make you feel full, but it is meant to activate your taste and smell senses.

Savory and sweet finger-foods such as sliced ham and sugared nuts got diners in the desire for a great meal. With the development of Italian cuisine, antipasto has been modified. But the purpose of antipasto is the same and that is to get you ready for the various foods that Italian cuisine offers.

Capri Antipasto has some of the finest mussels in black pepper. There are also, fried calamari, sea salad, white bait, king prawns in white wine, and marinated fish. With this mix, you can only expect to awake your taste sense from a different perspective.

Which wine to pick for each dish?

Cabernet Sauvignon shares the name for the wine and the grape from which you produce the wine. The original taste this one has is black currant, also it can include hits of mint and blackberry. Cabernets are rich and hearty and therefore go great with tomato red sauces.

Chianti is a powerful, clear red wine that is well suited for well-seasoned, flavorful sauces. It pairs great with tomato red sauces, but it also works with oil based sauces or cream. Every experienced taster will advise you to get a more expensive one because the taste is something unique.

Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris is really the identical white sort, which has two names: In California and Italy, it is identified as Pinot Grigio, and in France it’s identified as Pinot Gris. It is great matched with oil based sauces, cream. If you like sweet tastes you can use this wine with red dishes also.