Anyone can wander through the Bangkok streets for days taking their own Bangkok Food Tour. They will be pointing at everything because it all looks tasty, then passing over a few dozen Thai baht, and eating, only stopping when you feel you could burst. You can do this and never eat the exact thing twice and still never finding the real secret places.


Everywhere you go from Chinatown’s grungy streets to the upmarket shopping mall downtown, you find hawkers who are trying to sell meals fresh-cooked, often to eat right out of hand, while balanced on tiny seats of plastic around a picnic table that is makeshift. You would have problems spending more than $10 a day doing it. But you are still missing the best places on your own walking food tour of Bangkok.

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Food Capital

Bangkok is referred to as the street food capital of the world. Outside the areas of tourist not understanding the language is a real handicap. But if you have signed up for ‘Bangkok Food Tours’, they will guide you through the small venues and food stalls that are so beloved by those living in this area. They will finish your visit with a few tastes from North such as a wonderful Green Papaya salad together with salted egg.

Secret places

They will show you an alleyway in the neighborhood of Chinatown that is called “Trok Long Moo”. This is the place where great tasty foods are hidden away from the area where tourists are. Many of these businesses have passed down from generation to generation and have operated for over 60 years. Food Tours Bangkok takes you to those places that you would never find by walking yourself without a guide. “Trok Long Moo” is known as the ‘place of the pigs’ and has wonderful foods.