Feeding a large group of people at events of large scale is a daunting task. It is even harder to prepare enough food relevant to the theme of an event held where people throng in high numbers for a particular mass participation activity. Without proper food and beverage arrangement, such events are bound to collapse and chalk up bad reputation. This is where Shamrock Catering comes into the picture – they are experts in catering for any events, from a private occasion to a massive crowd gathering. With 20 plus years of experience, Shamrock Catering has developed the core competencies and amenities to cater to large scale events.

Large scale events may include public, closed and limited access events such as events involving festive get together, sports and music and Shamrock Catering has the ability to take care of the food and beverage aspect, complementing a particular event’s theme and objective, as varied as they may be. Having been in the catering industry for over 2 decades, Shamrock Catering has the specified experience and expertise to be on the dot on not only the ordered menu but also the serving service and tents that are easily accessible to a large number of people coming to the event.

Shamrock Catering understands the demands and rapid pace such large scale events hold and are able to handle the pressure and tension filled environment as they are professionals in this field. Being aware of the intricacies that are large scale events, from the planning to the execution, Shamrock Catering’s cognizance proves valuable and effective. They go the extra mile – allowing clients to have customized menus made to suit the event and preferences, delivering stellar service every time.

To their credit, Shamrock Catering had been involved in high profile large scale events in Hong Kong. That experience gives them confidence and only makes them more determined to offer high quality catering services.

Shamrock Catering is the right choice for large scale caterings anywhere in Hong Kong, as it has proven to fulfill great expectations.

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