The company established and founded in 1963 by Joseph W. Luter and his son. It was started by the name of Smithfield packing company in Smithfield Virginia. It is well known company for the biggest pig and pork producer in the world. It is been purchased by millions ofcustomers which adds up to its reputation and taking the first place in the list of U.S producer of packaged pork food and product. They not only have customers domestically but in abroad too who loves there pork. The first position is all the result of the hard work the company does and assures the superior quality of the pork to the customers. After the retirement of Larry Pope in 2016 the company gets its new CEO. Kenneth M. Sullivan is the current CEO of the company under whose leader the company is giving and excellent performance.

In 1981they started expanding and buying other companies. It was recorded that the Smithfield foods bought closely forty companies till 2008. The companies which were bought include Eckrich, Premium standard Farms and many others. If we look back in the Smithfield foods we will find that Joseph W. Luter and his son set up there meatpacking plants along the banks of the Pagan River where the former site of the American Peanut Corpation was. The company faced huge loss and become broke in the starting of 1970s. But as the time passed and experience is gained Joseph W. Luter III reestablished the company in 1974 with modified name as SmithfieldFoods and gained lot of name in market and rocketed there profit with making a good effects on the customers. There environment management systems and meat processing facilities and techniques was so efficient and effective that Smithfield Foods become the first in their industry to achieve an ISO 14001 for all there effort and hard work in 2005. Farmer John and Saag’s Specialty Meats were also bought by the company becoming an asset to them in 2017.

Smithfield food company gives employment to around 60,000 people which serves to around 4,000 satisfied customers in the world. If we analyze the company sales according to sales department they have done market of $15 Billion in 2016 across the world. Their mission is simple and straight that to provide safe, ethical, and superior feature of product to customer according to their demand.

Smithfield Foods Company also provides food to the needy people. They have registered organization with the name of Helping Hungry Homes which is focused mainly on the helping people who affected by any disaster or by becoming a helping hand in the schools to provide food to children. There motion is to fight against the hunger which not only makes it unique but better company from other.

List of some product provided by the company are-

  • Bacon
  • BBQ
  • Sausage
  • Ham
  • Lunchmeat
  • Marinated fork

The company also works as sustainability and keeping the environment harmless. The take care of their animals keep them safe and healthy. They also work on reducing the usage water and improve there working techniques in order to secure environment and money.