Taking salads before or after your meals greatly help in ensuring your general wellness—with specific benefits like weight control, improved skin tone, enhanced digestion, and increased levels of antioxidants (which are essential for disease prevention). Salads are easy to prepare at home and take the next time you’re invited to a cookout.

It’s obvious that just by the mention of salad, many tend to think of a combination of the raw green leafy vegetables—of course, this constitutes a salad. With lettuce topping the list, it’s however important that we take a closer look at some additional salads and the general impact they have on your health. Here is an additional list of healthy salads that will be the hit of the party.

Cheese Tortellini & Kale Salad

Kale is an overlooked vegetable by most people—who are always seemingly unaware of the great health benefits that come with its consumption. Whether raw or cooked, kale contains nutrients that are essential when it comes to your wellbeing. It’s rich in fiber and water; these both are keysto preventing constipation and promoting a healthy digestive system.The vitamins B and C present in kale also help in iron absorption.

The healthful but yummy ingredients in Cheese Tortellini and Kale Salad work together to create a tastefully healthy and scrumptious salad that will leave everyone wanting second helpings.

Zesty Cucumber Basil Salad

Most people (if not all) wouldn’t love to have wrinkled skin—which normally comes with aging. If you say yes to this, then it’s high time you incorporated cucumber into your daily salad diet. Other than maintaining your youthful skin, cucumbers also help in reducing your susceptibility rate to cancer considering that it contains lignans which are responsible for the prevention of pre-cancerous cellular changes. This is by slowing down the development of the cancer cells.

The other benefits include healthy weight maintenance, bone protection (courtesy of the vitamin K), improved heart health (as a result of the potassium—which is responsible for lowering your blood pressure).

Beat the summertime cucumber overload with some zesty cucumber basil salad. It will not only ensureyou stay full but also puts you off the bad eating habits (comprising of unhealthy foods)—which always come with detrimentaleffects to your health.

As always, throwing in some tomatoes and garlic will make it more delicious—not only delicious but also richer in health benefits.

Pittsburgh Prim anti Bros Coleslaw

Think coleslaw is always dripping with unhealthy mayo? Think again! Pittsburgh style coleslaw is a healthy salad of raw cabbage, carrots, and is dressed in a healthy and light oil and vinegar dressing that’s delicious and won’t spoil fast in the summer heat!

Just like kale, cabbage is also sometimes overlooked by most people despite the numerous health benefits it exhibits. Eating raw cabbage helps to keep your body healthy considering its richness in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also low in fat and calories, therefore, a good diet for those seeking to easily manage their weight.

Long-peeled cabbage, carrots, and onions make a great salad come winter or summer. You can take it cold or warm depending on the food you’re using alongside it.

Not near Pittsburgh to try eating at Prim anti Bros? You can check out an easy recipe for Pittsburgh-style coleslaw on DIY Home and Garden.

With some easy and healthy summertime salad recipes, you’ll be able to get to that cookout and still enjoy eating a healthy diet.

Author Bio: Maureen Abuor is a freelance writer and contributor to DIY Home and Garden. She’s a mom of two who loves healthy eating. After all, she needs her energy to keep pace with two toddlers!