Just like every discipline, certain rules apply to cooking. And to achieve success, every cook needs to know these kitchen rules. Once you have these tips under your belt, your confidence in the kitchen improves and you can produce excellent recipes.

Pay Attention to Food Safety

The effort you put in cooking, the expensiveness of the ingredients you used, and the good tastes of your foods are nothing if your food makes someone sick. Food-borne illness can have lifelong consequences. Therefore as a cook, you should prioritize keeping your food safe.

Measure Rightly

Measuring is one tip that applies more to baking than cooking. Wet and dry ingredients must be measured with different tools. Graduated measuring cups are used for measuring dry ingredients while a clear glass or plastic measuring cup with a running spout can be used for liquid ingredients. Measuring spoons can be used for both dry and wet ingredients.

Start Meal Planning

Meal planning is an integral aspect of cooking. Study food combinations and why some food combinations are not so good for your health, learn cooking schedule planning and how to ready dishes at the peak of perfection. The dishes’ flavors, textures, colors, and cooking source (ซอสปรุงอาหาร, which is the term in Thai) should all be taken into consideration to make an appealing, and palatable meal.

Learn How to Use a Knife

The kitchen knife is the most useful kitchen tool (apart from your hands of course). Hence it is essential to learn how to use a knife correctly. Cutting and slicing the proper way will also help prevent knife inflicting injuries. Firstly you need to study the different types of knives and the ranges of cuts such as chop, dice, julienne and so on. Then learn the proper way of holding and maneuvering a knife.