In your grocery store, you might make and sell prepared food like rotisserie or fried chickens. You might have had some success with selling this prepared food, but you could be hoping to up sales even more. These simple tips can help you make this part of your grocery store business even more profitable.

Make Them Fresh

It’s easy to make the mistake of making too much prepared food at once. Then, the chicken might have to sit out for longer before it gets sold. If you find yourself doing this too often, then quality can really suffer, and your customers are sure to notice. After all, if customers purchase your prepared chicken once and aren’t impressed by the quality, then they probably won’t be in a rush to buy it again. Therefore, it’s generally best to prepare less at one time but to continue preparing fresh chicken all throughout the day so that your customers can purchase fresher food.

Offer a Special Deal

As you might have already learned while operating your grocery store, customers love getting good deals. Offering a special deal, such as a bargain price for customers who buy prepared sides to go along with their prepared chicken or a free 2-liter of soda to go along with the chicken, is a good way to make even more sales.

Put it On Display

Some customers might not even be aware of the fresh prepared food that you offer in your grocery store. Putting it out on display with a hot food merchandiser can help. Then, you can keep prepared chicken hot while tempting your customers with the aroma and appearance of your fresh chicken.

Selling prepared chicken in your grocery store is probably a good idea, even if you haven’t had a lot of success with it yet. You can help increase sales and make more money with your prepared chicken by following these tips. In time, you’re sure to see that you’re selling more prepared chicken than ever.