Using Pork to Cater for Large Groups and Family Gatherings

Savvy hostesses know how to spread out a bountiful buffet without breaking the budget. A great idea is to ask guests to bring a dish. Another secret tip is using pork instead of pricier beef for your gatherings.

Pork Dishes

Crowd-pleasers like hog roast, pork tenderloin, pulled pork and baked ham are a few options to consider for your menu. Baked acorn squash, mashed potatoes or corn make simple sides. It’s up to you whether you stick to simple dishes or put out an elegant meal.

Hog Roast

Whole hog roasts (suckling pigs under 40 pounds) are perfect for large groups. An oven, liberal amounts of salt and some aromatics are all you need. Arranging the pig to fit on the baking pans will be a challenge. Low-and-slow should be your baking mantra. After the meat is cooked through, blast the heat. With hog roast catering will have crispy skin and succulent meat. Allow guests to pull off hunks of the juicy pig with their fingers or forks. A dish like this deserves hearty sides like potatoes and corn – along with a hot, buttery roll.

Pulled Pork

Few foods are easier to prepare than pulled pork. Place the pork in the crock pot and walk away. Several hours later, remove the pork to a platter and separate it into stringy pieces with a fork. From there people can add barbecue sauce or eat it as is. Serve it on a bun with slaw, sauce and pickles. Pile it on a plate with sides like cooked spiced apples and steamed cabbage. Going for pulled pork catering gives you a versatile and delicious option for your guests.

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Baked Ham

Serve a ham with sticky brown sugar glaze and pineapple rings for your holiday gathering. Your house will smell delicious. Guests will salivate as you cut into the steaming ham. Juices mix with the sugary glaze and soak into the pineapple. What you get is a sweet, savory meat that is perfect with creamy macaroni and cheese or with spicy barbecue baked beans. This dish is a traditional favourite.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloins can be served for elegant meals. Stuff the loin with apples, onions and herbs. Wrap it in bacon and bake it. The presentation is beautiful and the meat is succulent. Two loins will easily fit into an oven at the same time for larger crowds.

Pork is perfect for the upcoming holidays and family gatherings.