burger with patty and lettuce

At a glance:

  • Combining hi-melt cheese slices with Australian beef patty is a winning formula in burger making for any restaurant. 
  • Hi-melt cheese slices are easy-to-use cheese for burgers because of their excellent melting ability.

The combination of hi-melt cheese slices and Australian beef patty is a match made in heaven, and every restaurant chef should include it in their collection. The quality of cheese slices restaurants use for their burgers is very crucial for the overall burger-eating experience. A single slice of high-quality cheese can help restaurants level-up their burger game, and this is where hi-melt cheese slices or American burger cheese comes in. When you mix the smooth and creamy texture of this cheese with the juicy and flavourful beef patty, it provides your customers with a burger experience like never before. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this combination deliciously infectious.

Advantages of hi-melt cheese slices for commercial kitchens

Hi-melt cheese slices are the best-selling American burger cheese in Australia. And selling customers the products which they already like is something a restaurant owner always strives for. If you have not yet witnessed what hi-melt cheese slices can bring to the platter for your eatery, you are keeping your customers from trying the best burgers. 

Hi-melt cheese slices are unlike other cheeses when it comes to their melting ability and texture. Slices of this high-quality cheese melt consistently without leaching and breaking. This makes it easy for your chefs to melt the cheese on top of a beef patty in such a way it looks like a smooth cover of cheese on the top that is neither broken nor leaking. It also gives your burgers a nice appetising look. 

Some cheese types are difficult to melt to the required temperature (say a high temperature) as they melt easily and lose their form. Such cheese is not suitable to heat with a patty at a higher temperature. American cheese slices are designed to maintain their smooth texture when exposed to high temperatures. Slices of this cheese show a consistent and even melt and a great value to your burgers. 

Restaurants should also try to add hi-melt cheese slices in their burgers for the extra creaminess and flavour they add to the burgers. This cheese has a mild and slightly tangy taste which perfectly complements the flavour of the beef patty. As it is a good melting cheese for burgers, hi-melt cheese coats the patty in a way it looks like an extra layer of richness and texture on top of the patty. 

Quality of Australian Beef Patties

Australian beef meat is renowned for its superior quality, thus make a popular choice for burger patty among burger aficionados. The quality of beef meat generally comes down to the forage cows are fed. In Australia, the majority of cattle are grass-fed, making the meat leaner and chewier. Also, meat from grass-fed animals has a complex flavour profile, making it a classic choice for a burger patty.

When you combine the Australian beef patty with slices of hi-melt cheese, it forms a perfect balance of flavours that is nothing short of intriguing to eat. The high-quality Australian beef patty gives your burgers a meaty and juicy base for burgers, and the slices of American burger cheese add a creamy and tangy layer of flavour, making your restaurant burgers a burst of complex flavours. 

The Best Way to Use Hi-Melt Cheese Slices with Australian Beef Patties

The flavour and texture profile of a burger makes or breaks the burger. The trick to getting the best burgers for your restaurants is to find a balance between the flavour and texture of patty and cheese slices and assemble the burger correctly. Start by toasting the buns lightly, then add some of your favourite burger sauce. The next to do is to place the beef patty on the bottom bun and add single or two slices of hi-melt cheese on the top. While cooking the beef patty, do not overcook. An overcooked patty feels like chewing a flavourless lump of meat. Finish the burger by adding your favourite toppings, such as caramelised onion, lettuce, and tomato. Make sure all your ingredients are raw and fresh.