Take what you love about commercial bars and add a personal touch to build your very own home bar. Need some inspiration regarding how to put the bar together? Here are four points to bear in mind.

  1. The materials used for the frontage

A wooden fronted bar can look very rustic, whilst gleaming brushed chrome is perfect for that effortlessly elegant contemporary feel. You might want to also consider weightier materials such as granite (which always has a beautiful marbled effect) or concrete in order to achieve peak post industrial chic.

  1. Illumination

Illuminating your bar from above gives you a very functional workspace for mixing cocktails to perfection on the countertop. However, you may also wish to illuminate it from above, to give it more of a dramatic aesthetic. Automatic lighting inside any fridge doors could always be an option – this enables you to see clearly inside your home bar without having to switch on all of the lights in the room and spoil the atmosphere. Variable illumination (which you can dim or make brighter as the occasion demands) can also be a great asset to any home bar.

  1. Accessories

From peanut rails so that you can offer your guests their favourite snacks to back bar displays so that you can show off your full range of spirits and speciality liquors, you can customise your home bar in so many ways with the right accessories. A glass rack is both functional and nice to look at (particularly when illuminated), and the same goes if you add in a couple of speed rails for your most commonly used spirits and flavourings.

  1. The materials used for the countertop

Pewter and zinc have a sleek and modern look, whilst you can also use materials like granite and wood for a classic or a rustic feel to your home bar. There is no need to match the material used for the frontage exactly with the material used for the countertop if you don’t want to. Sometimes, a home bar can look very stylish with a painted wooden frontage and a pewter countertop, for example. Equally, if the frontage and the countertop are both made from the same material, this can create a beautifully harmonious look that is very appealing to the eye. For more inspiration visit us at Dawnvale.co.uk