Famous Dishes of Qatar which you can easily try by using Careem Now

There is no use to live in this world if you don’t love to try food. Food is essential for the survival but there are few people who are living lives just to try different foods. Almost everyone is huge foodie and they want to eat different types of food. Even people throughout the world travel just to taste the authentic food. So, if you are trying to visit any place now, you should know about their authentic and amazing dishes which you should try. A tour is wasted when you visit and don’t try the authentic or traditional taste of that place. Same is the case with Qatar and when you are going there you must try famous dishes. You can easily order the famous and best dishes of Qatar by utilizing Careem promo code attainable at coupon.ae to get handsome discount. Keep scrolling to see the best dishes of Qatar which you can try.


It is a special dish which is made by using rice as main element and mixed with many other things like marinated meat, seafood or anything which you like. You can make it extra delicious and tangy by sprinkling rose water and lemon juice on it. They offer you different spicy and salty sauces so that if you want to add spices, you can add these sauces to enhance the taste.


It is a very famous Arabic dish which is served in many Arabic countries. It is very consistent and seems like porridge by look. It is made by blending the meat with many other ingredients. It takes a lot of time in making because the blending and proper mixing of so many ingredients is a time taking process. It is mostly made in homes too on important festivals like Eid.


You can call this dish as stew pot because it can be compared to it. It has mixed vegetables and all are well cooked. The stew has the taste of all vegetables and the meat in it and it can be eaten with breads easily. You must try this amazing dish while you are visiting Qatar by using Careem promo code sourced from coupon.ae to avoid the dent in bank account.


If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option, then nothing can be better than this dish. It is very healthy because all ingredients used in its making are full of nutrition. It is made by using vermicelli and sugar, salt as spices. It has a fried egg on its top which gives a beautiful look to it. It is very plain and simple dish. Moreover, so many nuts and other things are also sprinkled.

Madrouba:This dish seems similar to Harees because they both are made by blending and mixing. But the taste is different because the spices and the ingredients used in making are different. The color of this dish is very dark but it is consistent like Harees. You can easily taste this delicious dish by utilizing Careem promo code available at coupon.ae to maintain your budget.