It’s difficult not to notice the vast new vocabulary being thrown around by the food and health industries. Foods, drinks, dietary supplements, and other products are now labeled with words and phrases like “all natural,” “organic,” and “gluten-/pesticide-/hormone/antibiotic-free” (or anything else followed by “-free”). Even a health-conscious consumer can get confused about what is and is not truly good for you—especially when you’re trying to shed pounds naturally, without surgery, starvation, or prescription drugs.

If you’re looking for simple, close-to-nature solutions to lose weight, here are five 100% natural options to consider:

Drink Lots of Pure Water

Water is wonderfully natural, especially when served without additives and flavors. Most medical authorities suggest drinking at least eight servings of water at least eight times a day—a non-intimidating formula that is easy to remember and follow. Some people need more water, especially when exercising or performing strenuous tasks, breastfeeding, or spending time in extreme heat. Your physician can help you determine what’s best for your particular situation.

Our bodies depend upon water to get rid of waste, regulate temperature, cushion joints, and protect tissue, and it’s a much healthier choice than even diet drinks. Plus, drinking water before a meal can help you to feel full, therefore reducing your appetite and fending off the temptation to order dessert.

Consider a 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

A variety of dietary supplements are available to provide a little extra boost of energy and accelerate weight loss. However, if you’re looking for all-natural options, you might be misled by the claims and messages on the labels of some inferior products. Instead, look for reputable supplements containing extracts from fruits, vegetables, and herbs, such as Fruta Planta, which incorporate natural substances to increase energy.

Get Out and About in Nature Itself

How much more “natural” can you get than experiencing actual nature first-hand? A brisk walk around your neighborhood block; a hike up a rocky, wooded trail; a kayak or canoe jaunt down a lazy stream or rapidly-flowing river; or a jog through a grassy park are all invigorating activities. Not only will you benefit by burning calories and enjoying the aerobic benefits of your workout, but studies show that exercising outside actually strengthens your bones and helps prevent other diseases.

Avoid Processed Foods

Perhaps one of the hardest elements of a diet is determining which foods you should and should not eat. For an all-natural lifestyle, your best bet with any dietary program will be selecting fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and other non-processed foods. Dietitians recommend shopping the periphery of your grocery store to find the most natural options, rather than the more convenient—but far less healthy—options in the middle aisles. More and more restaurants also are recognizing the benefits of and customer demand for healthy entrees, so peruse the menu online before you dine out to be sure there is a healthy dish you’ll enjoy.

Drink Naturally-Caffeinated Coffees and Teas

In their purest forms, both coffee and tea contain caffeine, a natural stimulant that provides that much-needed boost of energy for your morning commute or mid-afternoon slump. Whether you like your beverages hot or cold, with a shot of milk or straight, drinking non-processed coffee or tea gives you a natural lift, and the closer you get to the original state of your drink (coffee beans or tea leaves), the better the benefits!