Food & Beverages in China

Though China loves Chinese foods the most, foreign restaurants are also making a way in middle-class China. China is embracing international restaurants. Foreign Food and Beverage chains are successfully doing business in the country based on the quality, price, novelty or sophistication.

Sensing the success of F&B in China, a lot of foreign restaurants are expanding across the country in urban malls, shopping streets, and department stores. Foreign wine shops are also getting popular in China

Some key factors for the success of F&B in China are as follows:

  • Dependency on mobile with the increasing number of users of the internet.
  • Confidence is increasing over online purchase.
  • Safety image of imported products is giving them confidence.
  • USA and France are the most favored countries to import food.

Here are the details of F&B expansion in China:

  • F&B is a strong consumer sector in China, and it is still going to be one of the active areas of growth.
  • The expansion is happening in coastal areas and Tier 1 cities. Lower tier cities are also becoming active towards foreign F&B retailers. Less-wealthy provincial capitals are still a bit behind compared to other regions for foreign F&B.
  • In the category of the highly active sector, café shops, tea shops and ice-cream shops are doing very well, expanding at a rate of 30 percent or more every year.
  • Most foreign chains are based on a regional basis in China, and they are getting crowded in South China.
  • In East China, most of the brands have established their presence, but there are still rooms in the wealthy region of China.

Many foreign F&B view China with considerable enthusiasm and are trying to open their shop in China. But it is not that easy; you have to be careful with expansion in China market, and also at the same time can’t leave such a market alone. So, your strategy of doing business in F&B industry is the key to your business. You need to market understanding China to be successful. You can also try for any help regarding selling our product in China.