Kosher implies something that is acceptable or proper. It would be pertinent to mention here that Kosher has been informally entered the English language bearing the meaning. However, kosher laws have gained their origin from the Bible. The details have been mentioned in the Talmud along with other essential codes of the Jewish traditions.

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that kosher laws have been applied throughout the centuries to the ever-changing scenarios. It would not be wrong to suggest that these specific rulings have been inclusive of both contemporary and old. These have been known to govern the OU kosher certification and authorities to provide The Kosher Seal.

How to get Kosher Certification

You do not have to be Jewish in order to make the most of kosher food. However, you would be required to understand the cost of kosher certification along with the imperative steps to certification.

  • Step One: Application Form

In order to get started, you would be required to complete the application form. You should rest assured that there has been no application fee or obligation for filling the application form. It would be pertinent to mention here that the submitted information would be treated with confidentiality.

  • Step Two: Quotation

Your completed application would be assessed by the experts. They would provide you with the best quotation. The cost of kosher certification would wary based on the kind of ingredients. It would also differ based on the complexity of the manufacturing process.

  • Step Three: Assessment

You would be required to submit additional information about your ingredients along with the manufacturing process. It would be done to ensure you meet the standards laid down by international kosher rules and regulations. The authorities would arrange for a comprehensive audit of your factory, where the inspector would be required to check the various processes ranging from intake of raw material to packing of kosher food.

  • Step Four: Certification

After the authorities have been completely satisfied and ensure your ingredients along with the process meeting the highest kosher standards, they would offer you a specific contract to be signed. After you have signed the contract and paid the requisite fee, you would receive the KLBD certificate, plaque, and logo for use.

The kosher certification agency would grant The Kosher Seal to packaged foods, beverages, ingredients, and certain materials. They would also be providing the seal for food-service providers along with the facilities where kosher food would be prepared or served.