Pizza is one of the most beloved meals of the United States. Nearly 650 slices of pizza are consumed every second. The first pizza place was opened in New York over 100 years ago in 1905. When the members of our military returned from Italy fighting in World War II, they returned with a love for pizza. Since then, pizza has become nearly every Americans favorite type of food. 

What Makes Pizza So Popular? 

Cost Efficiency 

You can save a lot of money eating pizza rather than eating out at a burger joint. One large pizza can feed you for 4 or 5 meals. A burger and fries for the same price will feed you once maybe twice if you eat half of it now and half later. Pizzas are also very cost-efficient when it comes to parties. Instead of purchasing a burger for each guest, one large pizza can feed several guests. The best part about pizza is it lasts a long time, and some would argue that it tastes just as good if not better the next day. 


Let’s face it: not everyone feels like cooking every single day. Most of the time people don’t feel like leaving the house either. Pizza is the most convenient way to get a great meal without having to leave your house. All you need is your smartphone or house phone if you are living in the stone age and don’t have one; look up the pizza places website or app and order your pizza. Pizza delivery Kirkwood MO could not be easier. 


Pizza has several different toppings; there are hundreds of different combinations of pizza. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian there is a pizza for you. Nowadays there are even several different types of crusts, and even flavoring to go with your crust. Pizza chains have even adapted to the variety of taste buds in a single household by adding things other types of food to their menu: sandwiches, salads, and soups are often also available at pizza restaurants. 

Healthy Choices 

Pizza is a healthy choice for a meal. The tomato sauce used for most types of pizza is rich in lycopene which has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease and even helps fight cancer. The sauce is also loaded with vitamin C which helps build a strong immune system; a stronger immune system, of course, means less chance of illness. 

Social Behavior 

Pizza helps bring family and friends together. It is a proven fact that by eating the foods that you love releases chemicals in your brain that promote happiness. When indulging in something you love with your friends and family the chemicals will help create a stronger bond and create an event that everyone can enjoy. 

Pizza is one of the top choices in the United States for many reasons. Pizza can not only help you save money; it can also help you bring people you love together. There is no better way to save you time from the kitchen than ordering yourself a delicious pizza.