There are a lot of reasons why most people are so fond of consuming steak. Its unique taste just can’t be matched by any other type of meat.Be it salted, buttered or grilled, steaks are prepared and presented in a way that makes it so special.

Food has been culturally integrated into a lot of shared traditions. People all over the world have been sharing food in order to form a close bond with others. That is why group meals are done so frequently. Food then becomes a social statement.

Why Steak Is Expensive

It’s expensive, as livestock cost a lot to produce. Steakhouses put a bigger price tag on their beef offerings. Most restaurants only get their meat source from premium sellers. Also, people are more likely to pay more for choice cuts, such as the T-Bone.

The Best Steak

Many food experts and critics have been scouring for the best type of steak for all time. But the truth is, there’s no best steak out there.

The amount of doneness still decides whether or not the meat will taste good or be tender enough for a knife to slice through it.

However, everything will still boil down to the customer’s preference.But that doesn’t mean that famous food critics and bloggers haven’t supplied their own version of the best steak in the planet.

The late food expert, Anthony Bourdain, said that the best ribmust be completely seasoned with salt and pepper, and then cooked with the mix of butter and olive oil. The meat must be cooked in heated temperature for at least ten minutes.

Aside from Bourdain, other experts have also weighed in on what makes the perfectly-cooked meat. Chris Schlesinger has said that the meat should have at least a certain amount of fat in it.

  • Blue Rare, Rare, Medium Rare, And Others

Medium is probably the most popular choice for cooking the meat. However, blue rare, rare and well-done also get a fair share of popularity. Doneness determines the outcome of the meat, which ultimately relies on the texture, taste and temperature to achieve the most preferred state.

Blue consists of not fully cooking the meat, hence the inner parts will still be undercooked, if not raw after searing.

Rare is when it is still too soft, however cooked just lightly.

Medium rare is when it remains firm in between the fingers, both of the sides cooked for at least three minutes.

Medium is when it finally reduces in size due to the heat seeping through, whilst well-done is the perfectly-cooked version, with the meat completely brown in color and firm to the touch.

  • Tenderloin, Ribs, T-Bone

These parts of the beef are composed of lean muscle, with little marbling of fat. When cooked, these tender parts are more likely to have the best taste.

  • Aged Meat

Dry-aged beef is preferred by most chefs, as this type of meat has received the proper amount of treatment than grocery-bought meats.

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