Nangs are nothing but small 8g cylinders filled with nitrous oxide gas (N2O). Nangs are beneficial for several uses, you can use Nangs or cream chargers in whipped cream dispensers, there are many medical benefits of Nangs and Nangs are also used in balloons. They are easily available in the market and also convenient to use.

Hospitals and nursing homes use nitrous oxide to relieve and comfort patients; Nitrous Oxide gas prevents the brain cells from functioning which makes the body unconscious for some time.

Few benefits of using Nangs are: 

Whipped Cream Dispensers:  The Nitrous oxide gas (N2O) is widely used in whipped cream dispensers to make fluffy, light and perfect whipped creams. Nangs also known as Whipped Cream Chargers are kept inside the charger holder and fixed on the top of the head dispenser. Nangs act as a catalyst to make whipped cream and to achieve the perfect texture. 

Whipped Cream Dispensers are also used to make batter, smoothies and drinks, nitrous oxide when mixed with soda gives a very fresh taste in every sip. They are also used to decorate cakes and muffins, getting the foam texture of a whipped cream are not always possible from traditional methods that are why people are buying whipped cream dispensers. Using Nangs also ensures health benefits; you can make fresh whipped cream without any additional chemicals or preservatives just like a packed whipped cream.

Used in the Medical Industry: Places like hospitals, dentist clinics and nursing homes use Nangs to relieve their patients from pain. Nitrous oxide has only one element of oxygen, when inhaled it prevents oxygen from reaching the blood and brain, thus it slows down for a few minutes. 

It is commonly used in anesthesia to increase its quality, and is given to patients with minor pain. Nangs are popularly used by dentists; they use a diluted solution to give it to their patients while undergoing minor surgeries. Nitrous oxide gas (N2O) is used as a painkiller.

Used to fill balloons: 

Nitrous oxide gas is also used to fill balloons. Balloons are filled with normal normal air first, then slowly placing the opening of the balloon inside the nitrous oxide canister. It is used illegally for getting high, and is very toxic and addictive. 

These activities should not be practiced. Inhaling an inappropriate quantity of nitrous oxide gas can lead to several body problems like headache, problem in breathing and if inadequate amounts of oxygen reaches your brain and blood it can cause some fatal accidents. 
Nangs and nanganators are easily available in the market or online shopping sites which can deliver cheap affordable Nangs and nanganators at your doorstep. For a Nang delivery you can order from Mr. Cream Chargers and have them delivered straight to your door, usually under an hour in Melbourne. Nangs should be used only for making recipes, painkillers and balloons. There are also illegal ways in which someone can use a Nang and nanganators, but all those malpractices should be stopped and reported.