Why Be Selective While Choosing A Steakhouse Restaurant In Montreal

Steaks can be scrumptious meals considering how they are cooked and served. Hence comes to surface the choice of the steakhouse restaurant. Your meal and experience will be only as good as the staff and dishes are. If you’re based in or just visiting Montreal and are a steak lover, then you might want to try steakhouse restaurants like the Rib’N Reef steakhouse. This restaurant features all kinds of authentic tasting steaks and the staff is professional and warm too. Some of the specialties you must try to develop a taste for natural steak flavors include the following.

  1. Sirloin Steaks

Sirloin steaks are the most diverse kinds of all the other types. It is because sirloin can be cut from different parts of the cattle. 2 main types are top sirloin and bottom sirloin.

Top Sirloin is a quite lean muscle but it is not much tender. Whatever the type, Sirloin steaks are most often marinated first and then grilled to enhance flavor.

  1. Rib Steak

Most people often get confused between rib steak and rib-eye steak. The basic difference between the two is that rib steak is a bone-in steak type whilst the rib-eye steak is practically a boneless piece. A rib steak is the highlight of most steakhouses.

The best method to let the bone-in steak retain the real flavor of the marrow is grilling it at low flame. The boneless rib-eye piece, on the other hand, is already very soft and creamy. All good chefs at quality steakhouses prefer cooking ribeye steaks at medium to a rare-medium flame.

  1. Filet Steak

The steak from the forward cut of tenderloin muscles of the cattle is Filet mignon. It contains the least fat and is thus an ideal option for health-conscious steak lovers. Also, filet mignon steak is the most expensive type amongst all other steak cuts.

  1. T-bone Steak

This steak type is yet another specialty served at all good steakhouses like RibnReef. These are 2-in-1 steak pieces that come from the short loin muscle of the cattle. It tastes best when grilled and is alike porterhouse steak. It’s only the size of the cut that differentiates the two.

Other Specialities

Steakhouses are though known for steaks, but any good joint like RibnReef will serve other dishes including;

  • Appetizers like Crab Cakes, Shucked Oysters, and Grilled Octopus
  • Salads like Tomato Tower and Wedge salad
  • Sides like Potato fries and mashed potatoes
  • Fish food like Sesame Crusted Pan Seared Tuna and Halibut Filet