Your Commercial Gas Convection Oven Buying Guide

No commercial kitchen is complete without a commercial gas convection oven. Whether you are starting a restaurant or a bakery, these ovens come in handy because they take 25 percent less time to bake goods at 30 percent lower temperature. Also, since they are big, you can make large batches at once. It’s going to help you cut down on time, and take on bigger orders. You can explore range of different ovens available here and see which one fits your situation best.

Why should you go in for a gas convection oven anyway?

Gas ovens are the best because they need minimum maintenance and the baked goods get a better freshly smoked flavour compared to those cooked electric ones. Over time, the fuel consumption reduces, so you save a lot of money there as well.

The Top Tips to Help You Buy the Convection Oven You Need

Finding the right commercial oven is very important for your business because not only should it fit into your kitchen but also fulfill long-term requirements. We’ve made a commercial gas convection oven buying guide to help you make the right choice.

1. Half or full-size ovens

Gas ovens only come in half or full-size. The half-size ovens can only fit a half-size sheet pan and the full-sizes will hold more. Bakery depth is very important when it comes to ovens, so if you have limited space or you have a restaurant that doesn’t offer too many dishes with bread, you can go for a half-size oven. Bakeries should always choose a full-size oven, so that you can get more batches done at once.

Restaurants that serve roasted meat, should opt for a full-size oven because you can slow cook in it. Also, the meat gets a nice toasty flavor.

2. Number of fans

Fans in convection oven are for air circulation. All ovens come with a fan but the numbers of them differ. The more number of fans, the faster the baking will be because more air is circulated. Many dual fan ovens come with an auto-reverse feature, which changes the rotation direction to every time you open the door.

3. Temperature

Minimum and maximum temperature should always fall in line with baking temperature for your products. Ideally, an oven with a minimum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 550 degrees Fahrenheit is enough for your baking needs. Some come with a minimum of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so look carefully before you make the purchase.

4. Warranty

Commercial gas convection ovens are an expensive investment and you should make sure you buy from a reliable company that offers warranty. Make sure you ask the manufacturer everything that comes under the warranty, which should include repair, physical damage, and bi monthly servicing.