If you were slowly walking around the town square and saw a $100 bill on the sideway, would you just go right past it? Please. Stupid question, right?  Now, think about this, finding $100 every week for an entire year. Can you say, “Free money?” That’s exactly what using internet coupons can save you almost every week.


Using internet coupons has become simply effortless. You now find coupons that you want whenever you want them, every hour of every day. And think on this—if you usually buy one bag of cat food every two weeks and you being using a “$2 off” coupon every time, you’ll have $52 extra in your Amazon account when you get to the end of the year, and that’s for only 1 item. Just Google for coupon websites and you will have a good beginning.

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Not just for groceries

Coupons aren’t only for groceries anymore. On the internet, they are coupons for everything. You can find coupons on baby food to medications, office supplies, personal care items, cleaning products and baby supplies.  And some are accessible with free shipping.

Learn the basics

So, simply learn the basics, set aside about 1 hour or less every day, and you are well on your way to receiving thousands of extra dollars a year. Think of it as giving yourself a raise, and there are classes to teach you how.

iHerb coupons

Some online retailers such have iHerb have coupons for everything – if you shop there you are wasting money if you don’t take advantage of their coupons. They have promotion coupons for everything – all products, every location you are from, don’t forget these codes.  You can save with this promo code

Pages for various locations

They also have pages for various states with various cities.  Also, if you are from another country they have coupons for there also.  Codes for Canada available here.