When you go on a weekend to Edinburgh or plan a vacation then there are plenty of things to enjoy. You can discover many things besides sightseeing. Make a booking with Edinburgh food tours service to taste the local cuisine.

Every tourist can enjoy

Tourists don’t get tired walking down the historic streets and watching the classic buildings, castles, museums, zoo, and botanic garden.

Visitors can enjoy the traditional music in the local pubs. Arts festival is held in May, which displays the genuine traditional culture from best conventional artists.

Food and drink aficionados can also find plethora of activities to enjoy. Book an Edinburgh food tour package and pamper their palate eating pure Scottish food.

Haggis is the national food of Scotland, which must not be missed out. It includes beef and meat lambs cooked with onions, oats, and spices. In the food tour Edinburgh package, you will get to taste this traditional dish.

Restaurants and Distilleries

Visitors can visit the local restaurants and street side. Mosque Kitchen is popular for its cheap but tasty curry. Witchery is a romantic and popular restaurant, which offers fine cuisine in spectacular surroundings. First time visitors to Scotland must never miss visiting the beautiful distillery called Scotch Whisky Experience.

If you are not a whiskey fan then visit the Gin distillery. The Villager is a bar, which serves unusual strawberry beer with decent food.

Tourists with sweet tooth can sweeten their taste buds eating mouth watering desserts at Bar Italia Ristorante. You can even enjoy all the Scottish culinary in a single three-hour food tours Edinburgh package, at one place. However, if you are a wanderer then just walk the streets and reward your eyes with beautiful natural and historic sites. In addition, eat local cuisine, which is not just delicious but begs for more.


You can get acquainted with few locals to learn about the culture. However, the people here are a little conservative, so may find it odd, if approached directly. It is better to get involved with younger folks.