Got a thing for super tasty cakes, brownies or other baked stuff that satisfies your sweet tooth? If yes, you’re not alone, we all love to the delicious taste of spongy brownies and of course, cakes never fail to delight our taste buds! It’s a sweet experience that’s equal to none and it even gets better when you choose Wholesale Cakes from Cakesmiths.

At CakesSmiths, we derive joy in baking mouthwatering wholesale cakes, wholesale brownies, wholesale traybakes and more. And the best part is that we’re ready to share these delicious treats with you and your patrons. We are passionate about baking here at Cakesmiths and of course, proud to say that all our products are made from scratch. That said, you won’t be wrong to rely on us to supply your coffee shop with our handmade – baked treats — our outstanding team of bakers never fail to deliver the best.

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Why Choose Us?

First off, our wholesale cakes and wholesale brownies are made from scratch with the best ingredients (all natural) that you can possibly think of. What’s more, we always ensure that our absolutely delicious creations are good enough to make your customers happy for days — they’ll definitely be back for more! And the best part is, our products are 100% free of added preservatives. When you browse through our site, you’ll find some of our award-winning bakes including our Carrot & Orange TrayCake and Super Dark Brownie. There’s also a section called “The Classics” — it’s home to a few great tasting bakes you wouldn’t want to miss. Our range of delicious Flapjacks can also be supplied to your coffee shop or café and of course, you’ll get to rest easy knowing that your customers are going to love them!

That’s not all — you’ll also be glad to know that we also sell wholesale vegan cakes and wholesale gluten-free cakes. In essence, none of your customers will be left out of the Cakesmiths tastiness!

So what makes us special?

At Cakesmith, we deliver six days a week and of course, next day delivery is our thing. If you place an order today, you can be sure of receiving our excellent bakes tomorrow! What’s more, our daily cutoff is 5 pm — so you have more than enough time to order our creations and stock your coffee shop.

And to sum it up, we offer free delivery for when you buy 2+ boxes of our delicious treats. Our cake care recommendations is also a big plus — everything is sure to be perfect for you and your customers!

Don’t hesitate to place your order today!