Having an outdoor barbecue is an excellent way to get your family and friends together to enjoy the nice weather. There are a lot of mouth-watering meals that you can make on the barbecue. Thus, if you love grilling meat, below are some tips that can help you when shopping for the right meat cuts and pieces:

Ensure the Meat has Fat

In terms of cooking meat on a barbecue, you cannot get away from fat. You are probably practicing a healthy eating habit but you should forgive the fat in barbecues. A meat that is high in fat helps in keeping the meat juicy and flavorful. For instance, although a lot of people prefer cuts of sirloin steak to barbecue, sirloin is lean meat which tends to dry out quickly. Meanwhile, a rib-eye steak comes with a great amount of fat on it. Such kind of steak is a perfect barbecue choice. Generally, you should focus on choosing a meat cut which is marbled.

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Find High-Quality Meat

Meats have three grades: prime, select and choice.  Prime meat is quite difficult to find and can be pricey. Select meat is more affordable but with the lowest quality. Choice meat is an excellent option for the barbecue as it is friendly to the budget and still has an excellent amount of tenderness and marbling. When choosing for the meat to barbecue, ensure you pick one which retains its flavor when cooked.

Choose Ribs

A number of meat cuts tend to taste better on the barbecue and the rib is a good example of these. Both beef and pork ribs do well on the barbecue. Ribs must be cooked slowly over a low heat to come up with a tender and juicy result. As a matter of fact, a lot of people claim that ribs taste good only when cooked on a barbecue.

Consider the Thickness of the Meat

Because cooking meat on the barbecue can dry out the meat quickly, you want to pick a thick meat. Avoid cooking very thin meat on the barbecue as it will become tasteless and dry once cooked.

Thickness, fat and quality are important considerations when choosing the meat to barbecue. However, if you are looking to get the best barbecue experience, it is a great idea to dine in at your favorite barbecue restaurant like Jarry Smoked Meat and be served with the most delicious barbecue varieties with some side dishes.