Holiday is fast approaching and I have almost given up looking for a perfect gift for my friends. In the past, I have given them baked cookies, chocolates, designer bags, and watches. I don’t want to end up giving them something they already have. It also makes me cringe thinking about that time when I gave them a shower gel and it turned out I was not the only one who gave them the same gift. I felt so embarrassed and I never want that to happen again. This time, I want something unique. I want something that they will remember but it has to be something simple and practical but very special. I was at a loss browsing through the internet. It was getting late and I thought I would try my luck again tomorrow but I couldn’t wait any longer. I want to look for the perfect gift this time. I decided to brew a pot of coffee. I took the liberty to enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing the internet. I felt relaxed and it helped put my mind at ease. So I thought why not? Why not give them something that I know they will appreciate and enjoy at the same time? What I had on my mind right then and there was to give them a Coffee Subscription gift.

It is a perfect gift for the upcoming Holiday. I am sure your friends are going to love it too! Right on cue, I discovered the most incredible Los Angeles coffee club. They explore all of the coffee shops across Los Angeles to help you find that distinct artisan coffee that matches your taste. What’s amazing is that they choose their favorite coffee each month and have it delivered to your address. What they do is they pack the locally roasted coffee in a personalized box and ship it to your doorstep the first of each month. Inside the box is 12 ounces of a specialty coffee bean from a premier coffee shop of their choice, which is equivalent to 30 cups of coffee, a back story of the coffee shop, and they also include a surprise or two inside the box every month. Isn’t that exciting? I found it very genuine and special. They make sure that the coffee is top quality. They taste all of the varieties of coffee that the store has to offer and try to find the best flavors to match your ideal taste.

Aside from being the perfect gift, Los Angeles Coffee Club is known for their selfless goals. They have 2 goals; The first is to help people discover the best coffee shops in LA, elevating their coffee experience and allowing them to enjoy better coffee. Their second goal is to help local coffee roasters get their coffee in the hands of thousands of consumers across Los Angeles that are dying to discover their next favorite coffee shop. This is it. I don’t want to settle for anything less. This is the perfect gift and most practical in every way. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and wonderful knowing that my friends will also get to be delighted with locally roasted coffee every month.