A wedding is a very special and memorable occasion — romance fills the atmosphere as a wonderful couple professes a lifetime vow of loving and caring for each other through thick and thin. However, planning this momentous event can oftentimes be too overwhelming. Apart from the jittery feeling soon-to-wed people normally experience, stress can come from managing a lot of things: venue, invitations, and — let’s not forget to mention — food.

Ah, food! This isn’t just something that can fill your stomach, it’s powerful and magical enough to help people create unforgettable memories. So if you want to make your wedding day be embroidered with beautiful moments, one thing you should secure is your food supply.

When it comes to ensuring the quality and quantity of food you will serve to your guests, hiring a catering York PA company is often an inevitable choice you have to make. However, not all wedding caterers are created equal. If you want to make the most out of your catering team, here are some tips you need to remember:

Finalize your wedding theme

Do you want to hold a garden wedding? Or perhaps a wedding by the beach? Whatever theme you want to use on your special day, make sure you’ve finalized it and settled it down with your partner. Once you have a theme, everything about your wedding — from the invitations to the food selection and presentation — should revolve around it.

Make a guest list

One of the things catering York PA companies want to know first is the estimated number of guests of your wedding. Before getting in touch with any caterer, make sure you have at least a rough guest list. This way, your food supplier can have a good idea of how much they’d need to prepare.

Allocate a budget

As stated, food is an important part of your wedding. Whether you want to have a sumptuous buffet or you prefer to serve modest but tasty servings, you have to allocate a budget that can cover all the food-related expenses. Saying your budget to your caterer can also help them offer delectable menus that you can actually afford/

Be meticulous in choosing your caterer

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or relatives if they have good suggestions for a wedding caterer. Soliciting opinion from them helps a lot, especially if they themselves have experienced the company’s services first-hand. You can also attend wedding fairs and search online.

Book your prospect caterer ahead

To make sure you can secure your dream catering York PA firm, check their availability first. If their schedules are open on the day of your wedding, don’t waste time and book them ahead.

Keep your lines open

It is important to ensure proper communication with your caterer. Let them know your vision and tell them about your expectations. Secure a tasting event so you can assess the quality of food and beverage they’d be serving. During the course of your pre-wedding talks with them, don’t be afraid to negotiate and give feedback so they can make necessary adjustments.

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