Mobbed Up Inc has partnered with the Mob King TV Show to bring an authentic taste of Italy to the US. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil line consists of a variety of 10 flavors that go thru a rigourous 3 step quality process from the finest farms in Italy where the olives are hand picked. The Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and 100% Italian. It is Certified Extra Virgin with via chemical analysis in Italy and California.

Furthermore, it is Certified Extra Virgin via sensory analysis by a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier ensuring there are no defects in the Oil.

Lastly, the plain oil you are purchasing has a Free Fatty Acidity Level of 0.35 and Peroxide Value of 7.1 which are both outstanding results.

All of their product is Produced, Infused and Bottled in their facilities in Italy (Modena and Umbria). Mobbed Up Inc Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and Naturally Infused. It is Certified with Chemical Analysis in Italy and California as well as Certified with a Sensory Analysis by A Certified Olive Oil Sommelier.

Their serious work ethics and fresh ingredients allowed Mobbed Up Inc to gain a reputation in such a short period of time as one of the leading sources of quality and trusted Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Please check this website for more information