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Smithfield Foods Inc. with its holdings, products and markets of various fresh and packaging meats products in the US and Internationally. It operates through 5 segments:

  • Packaged Meats
  • Fresh Pork
  • Hog Production
  • International
  • Corporate

This company offers fresh pork food stuffs, like loins, butts, picnics, and ribs, as well as hogs; leaners; and poultry and beef products. This company also produces packages meats including:

  • Boiled and Smoked hams
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Hot dogs
  • Canned meats
  • Deli
  • Luncheon meats

They also handle specialty products that comprise pepperoni, ready-to-eat products and prepared foods involving pre-cooked bacon and entrees.

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Vertical integration, contract farms

In 1990 Smithfield started buying hog-farming operations, making it a vertically integrated company. Because of this, it was able to expand by over 1000% between 1990 and 2005. Vertical integration allows Smithfield to control every stage of pig production, from conception and birth, to slaughter, processing and packing, a system known’s “from squeal to meal” or “from birth to bacon”.

Smithfield Foods and University of Virginia

Smithfield Foods, Inc. as well as University of Virginia Engineering and Applied Science have announced an exploration enterprise to discover as well as advance re-forming medicine technologies using bio-products of porcine. This is portion of a communal venture between Smithfield Bioscience, and UVA, a planned business platform with Smithfield Foods which is attentive on backing up an assortment of biotechnology resolutions in ranges of human therapeutics, tissue production as well as re-forming medicine. The mission of this exploration is to test and develop a tissue-engineering process for the repair of skeletal muscle and renewal using porcine-derivative materials.

Proof-of-concept studies

Leveraging these porcine resources has its booties since it can be muscle-precise prior to embedding and more easily recognized by the human body. Researchers will conduct proof-of-concept studies that are a critical step in following clinical trials. This study is a vital link of a larger connotation of about 100 organizations, together with UVA and Smithfield. These establishments are connected under the ‘Advanced ‘Regenerative Manufacturing Institute’, that is at work to hasten renewing tissue exploration and generating business inventions in biomaterial and processing of cells for serious Department of Defense as well as civilian needs.