The debate has been on for several years as regards which is the best office beverage, coffee or tea. While this debate makes for a good break time session engagement over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, it is important that as a coffee lover, you have some talking points to ensure that your side of the debate is heard.

While the debate may appear endless, you may be able to convert some persons to the coffee side with the right information about the health benefits of coffee and having a coffee machine in the office to serve the health benefits to staff.

While caffeine abuse can lead to a wide range of side effects including anxiety, insomnia and more, there is the reasonable advantage of safe coffee as this helps improve mental alertness and focus. Coffee, when taken in moderation is 100 percent safe and healthy for the body, to prove this, below are some of the health benefits of consuming coffee in reasonable quantity.

  • Vastly reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Coffee has been revealed in many studies to help improve focus and mental alertness while clearing off fatigue. The use of coffee has several advantages with the biggest advantage being its contribution to reducing the risk of the mental degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s disease. Studies carried out suggest that those who consume coffee in sensible amount on a daily basis are less prone to developing Alzheimer’s disease. The studies revealed that daily consumption of coffee can reduce the disease risk by as much as 65 percent. With dementia being one of the most crippling and debilitating diseases that can affect any human, daily coffee intake in reasonable quantity can prevent against such mental condition.

  • Coffee has cardiovascular benefits

Coffee consumption has a wide range of benefits relating to the heart and heart health. While it is impossible for the body to properly function without the heart, coffee consumption has been revealed to help improve the health of the heart tremendously. Studies carried out in Japan revealed that an individual who consumes about two cups of coffee daily has a reduced chance of cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks. The study revealed that an average daily intake of two cups of coffee can reduce risks of heart related conditions by 38 percent.

  • General Longevity

Consumption of coffee has been revealed to help the body adjust better to the aging cells in the body thus promoting long life and health. Coffee which is deemed as an elixir of life by some coffee lovers has been revealed to play an important role in the general longevity of life. A study which was conducted over 13 years had several participants who were coffee drinkers monitored for the duration of the research. The research revealed that the coffee drinker’s group lived longer with the research stating that each daily coffee intake by the respondent reduces the individual’s chances of dying by 6 percent. For people who took between two to three cups of coffee daily, the study revealed that their chances of dying daily was reduced by 10 percent while those consuming about five cups daily had their statistics upped to about 12 percent less likely risk of death.

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